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Tips and Hints


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Here are a few tips to reduce your quartely power bill:


            - Use energy saving lamps where possible (fluoros and compact fluorescents or green planned discharge lighting - such                         as mercury vapour and metal halide)

            - Turn off hibays/ lowbays in any unused areas of your factory, or have automated lighting control


            - Turn off machines at main switch (as they may have standby power)


Climate Control:

            - Set your air-conditioner to 23.5C in summer and make sure all doors, windows and blinds are shut to assist efficiency

            - If installing a new air-conditioner, choose an inverter driven split system that is at least 25% bigger than the minimal                         recommendation

            - Clean and wash air-conditioner filters and fins regularly

            - Start fans early in the morning to keep cool air circulating

Kitchen (lunchrooms):

            - Keep fridges as full as possible to make them more efficient

            - Avoid using your dishwasher & drier, save money AND water


            - Install a solar hot water system (government rebates may apply)

            - Install a Solar panel and inverter grid tie system (government rebates may apply)

Most important:

            - Repair any leaks in airlines, this will drastically reduce your compressor use in turn saving power and reducing wear                         and tear

Help the environment, see if your electricity provider has a small contribution you can make on your power bill to help reduce carbon emissions (carbon credits, tree funds etc).

Has your Safety switch Tripped?

If your safety switch or a circuit breaker has tripped, follow these steps to find out why it might be tripping:

            1. Determine if it is the RCD (safety switch) or CB (circuit breaker).

            2. If it's not the RCD (safety switch) then contact a licenced electrician.

            3. If it's the RCD (safety switch), unplug all appliances.

            4. Reset RCD (safety switch).

            5. Plug in one (1) item at a time until the RCD (safety switch) trips.

            6. NB: - multiple appliances could trip the switch. 

                Look for such items as:

                        - Kettle/electric jug

                        - Fridge

                        - Air conditioning

                        - Kitchen appliances

                        - Garden lighting

Extreme care should be taken not to touch any exposed metal when plugging in possible defective appliances.


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